Apple..sigh, is resistance really futile?

Apple, it’s okay to want your customers to evolve, but do we have to feel forced or tricked into it. You send us updates that you KNOW will break our shit.

Anywhoo, here is some help to rescue you from iTunes upgrades. You can downgrade by following the steps below:

  1. Enter ‘Activity monitor’ into the Spotlight and press Enter.
  2. Find iTunes helper, and quit it.
  3. Open Spotlight, type ‘Terminal’ and launch it.
  4. Enter: sudo rm –r /Applications/, then press Return. If this doesn’t work, enter ‘sudo rm -r ‘ and then drag your current iTunes app into the Terminal window, then hit Enter.
  5. This will delete iTunes. Now you can download an older version of iTunes and install it. Older versions of iTunes here: or check