Break Even
Break Even

Break Even

You know, there was a time when I just had to press ‘Pause’. ?  I am hard working beyond measure. I am talented. I am ambitious. I am resourceful. And yet, I kept feeling like I was peering through the glass ceiling of my own potential. I needed to shatter through it, and the only way to figure that out was to just….stop.

I went to live in Tobago, took on VERY few jobs and focused rather, on just sitting with myself…long and hard and tearfully. I didn’t know what I didn’t know, and didn’t know where to find the information that I needed, but I just sat with the despair I felt everyday, until slowly, things began making more and more sense. ?

Flick to now, 6 years since that moment and now I am feeling so much closer to shattering that glass ceiling. I’ll be honest, I still feel trapped beneath it in my physical reality. In my spiritual reality, I am beyond it and the answers are coming to me one at a time. I need to act on everything I learn about being the best version of myself, before another answer comes.

What I realised in the time of ‘pause’ was that I could not have true and deeply self-realised career success if I did not release and heal my personal demons. Having done a lot of work in that area, it freed my energy for progressive work.

My current activity is to break even. I have not been breaking even in my freelance projects. Imagine that, when a business evaluation was done of my pricing and business expenses, I was operating at a loss. ??

The personal brokenness kept me in a state of feeling like this was my lot, that I deserved to be living from project to project, and even though I had enough to live and bootstrap a few things, there would have needed to be a constant flow of projects and income in order to sustain it. By virtue of that, it is not real success, if I cannot take a break..if I cannot break even.

There will be a lot more of this type of vulnerability on this page. Let’s rise up Caribbean businesses.. #breakeven #breakout