Jan MT Mc Kell

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Google it like you mean it

When I was about 15, I was entered into an exchange program by my high school. We spent a few weeks learning the internet at a deeper level and basic website construction. These were the days of mIRC, Doom and the new burgeoning days of spinning, blinking gifs on personal webpages. I fell in love.

More than anything, I was impressed that any question I had, I could have had it answered. I used that. I exploited it. I searched. I built my own home computer at the age of 17, and I just kept on searching.

I’ve studied things but the thing I’ve studied the most is the art of asking the right question. Asking and asking again until the right question gives you the answer you need, not the most popular answer but the answer that you’re looking for.

I know we are all coming from different places, and have different priorities however there is something I have observed from my range of clients. The best clients that I have ever served were the ones who knew the exact questions they needed to ask – either of me, or of Google. Not only that, but when they found the answer, they actually read it, they digested it and they incorporated the knowledge into their business and subsequently their life.

Get clear on your question, then Google it like you mean it.