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Leveling Up

Leveling Up⁠
– the important work of raising the bar and setting new standards for how you achieve your goals, and also setting new goals.⁠

Pricing. ⁠

Remember, last post about the personal demons. Money might just be one of those things that carry deeply unsettling feelings for you. Figure those feelings out, bring them to the core and work on setting them aside. I am not past this. I am currently working through this – the stomach aches from seeing huge figures on the invoice and going, hmm, that’s a lot. What’s a lot? You mean, what the thing is worth? It’s value? The thing you’ve trained for, gotten many years experience at? That thing?!⁠

Raising the Bar⁠

Once you settle those nerves, one way or the other, either by force or faking*, now you’ve got to keep the bar on that shelf. *Yes, I said faking. Sometimes, you really have got to pretend that you’re someone else until you figure out why the self-sabotaging things that you’re currently doing have been your reality for so long. Whether I can look you in the eye and say this website costs ‘X’ or not, I will continue to keep that bar at ‘X’ and stutter my way through the conversation, until one day, I say this website costs ‘X’ and there is none of that small voice in my ear being small. ⁠

Set it, and keep it.⁠

Need I say more?⁠

Let’s go!⁠

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