Forever Fit

Tamika Alexander is an AFAA Personal Trainer and previous body-building athlete, and winner of multiple National Senior Bodybuilding titles. Her bootcamps on a Saturday morning dedicated to plyometrics, circuit training, functional strength and endurance had been going on for a number of years. She wanted to empower people to tell their friends and family about the weekly ‘fit’ session.

Forever Fit was meant to embody the notion that fitness is a lifestyle and not a period or phase that you endure just ‘until’ you’ve gotten to your desired point. As such, her tagline ‘work in progress’ essentially meant that there is no set goal but rather a goal of consistency. The infinity symbol was played into two interlocking common f’s.

I did a:
logo design
flyer design
callcard design
print production for teeshirts, etcetera

Tamika takes her brand seriously and has since launched into full-scale usage of the logo and it’s intended messaging, mostly via her social media.