The Bay House

The Bay House is a Grenadian boutique hotel that overlooks Grand Ansé beach. I created a logo for them that captured their essence.

Oftentimes hotels, large or small, and boutique hotels included, determine in their branding how guests should spend their time by highlighting the features of the hotel or of the hotel’s location that should be foremost in the guest’s mind. Rather, The Bay House, opens its doors (and windows, wink wink) to their guests in the warm and inviting parlance of the Grenadian. The Bay House has a view of Grand Anse Beach and the surrounding hillside. The open plan of the windows in the logo design leave room and invitation for this lofty view of clouds and sky, seen mistily through the window. The Bay House is eco-friendly, but luxurious – the choice of rich tan and brown tones lend to legacy, alongside an antique and rustic vibe.

The design gives breadth for use in routed wood, or on paper, large or small. It is a design with the flexibility to be seen in the many places that a logo may be featured in a hotel.