One of the very first things you would have done when you were ready to get your business started up is to have the company name searched for, to ensure it is unique. This may or may not take a while. So, you get through that process, and you have your company name. It is registered.

Company Name
You don’t have to name your brand the same as the name that is on your company registration certificate. I hear people wonder aloud about this all the time. No. It isn’t necessary. Your company’s registered name is really for the purpose of your business affairs such as legal filings or documents, your banking and taxation.

Product Name
You can have a brand, that has products or product lines within it. So here is a popular example. Although Apple is the brand name, within it, there are Macbook and iPhone as product lines. There are product names within those product lines, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro, then in iPhone, you’ve got iPhone 11 and iPhone 8, for instance. Your product and sub-brand names can cover a hierarchy that goes as deep or as wide as you need it to be. The key is to be organised and coherent in your marketing, so as to maintain clarity around your brand’s products and/or services.

Brand Name
Last but not least, a brand name can have a rich legacy. A lot can be staked upon one name or you can have multiple product and brand names to cover the range of your products and/or services. Creativity and inventiveness should lead the way in your decision about your naming. You can increase a brand name’s leverage by packing it with a long lineage of product and sub-brand names. Always keep in mind though that this would mean you’d need to be very mindful of retaining your brand’s reputation as any disruptions could cause a ripple in all of your products and/or sub-brands.

I know you TOTALLY got all that. You did right?!