One of the very first things you would have done when you were ready to get your business started up is to have the company name searched for, to ensure it is unique. This may or may not take a while. So, you get through that process, and you have your company name. It is registered. Company Name You don’t have to name your brand the same as the name that is on your company registration certificate. I hear people wonder aloud about this all the time. No. It isn’t necessary. Your company’s registered name is really for the purpose of your business affairs such as legal filings or documents, your banking and taxation. Product Name You can have a […]

Deprecation of create_function

If you get this error whilst working with WordPress: “Deprecated: Function create_function() is deprecated in…”, the following advice works: “It addresses the add_filter statement: add_filter( 'option_page_capability_' . ot_options_id(), create_function( '$caps', "return '$caps';" ), 999 ); switch it out, and use this instead: add_filter( 'option_page_capability_' . ot_options_id(), function($caps) {return $caps;},999); We can see the usage of function(), very typical function creation instead of a deprecated create_function() to create functions. Hope it helps.” I originally found a solution to this error log issue here:

Apple..sigh, is resistance really futile?

Apple, it’s okay to want your customers to evolve, but do we have to feel forced or tricked into it. You send us updates that you KNOW will break our shit. Anywhoo, here is some help to rescue you from iTunes upgrades. You can downgrade by following the steps below: Enter ‘Activity monitor’ into the Spotlight and press Enter. Find iTunes helper, and quit it. Open Spotlight, type ‘Terminal’ and launch it. Enter: sudo rm –r /Applications/, then press Return. If this doesn’t work, enter ‘sudo rm -r ‘ and then drag your current iTunes app into the Terminal window, then hit Enter. This will delete iTunes. Now you can download an older version of iTunes and install it. Older […]


WordPress 5.0 was released on November 27, 2018. It is a big change but it’s nothing that you can’t handle. Bluehost — which is the web host I’ve guided most of you to utilise — will prevent sites from auto-updating to 5.0 if they are not already running Gutenberg. Auto updates of WordPress will resume in January, however the update will not overwrite the classic editor plugin. Gutenberg is switching the game up from text based to visual based editing of your content in the back end of your website. It will make the design and publishing process more visual for non-technical website builders. So what is this Gutenberg?! (Funny name, first of all!) This is what the Gutenberg editor looks like. It’s a […]

Troubleshooting Git

Had an issue, whilst learning git commands and the helpful www came to my rescue.. My problem: Getting this error message anytime I tried to commit a file: “Aborting commit due to empty commit message.” Found the solution at “I’m also a newbie in Git. I encountered basically the same problem as yours. I solved this by typing: git commit -a -m ‘some message’ The reason is that git doesn’t allow commit without messages. You have to associate some messages with your commit command.”

Client management insight

Over the years of working with clients, I’ve realized that just like us, liaisons/clients learn in different ways and at varying speeds, so I: Send tutorials, answers and information sometimes as videos for those who learn faster this way and, Repeat myself a number of times in different communications, in case it’s taking them a while to clearly understand what I’m explaining. ..random insight!

Tints, Tones, Hues and Shades

As a creative, you have to constantly remind yourself of the basics.. “A hue is just a color. Tints are created when you add white to any hue on the color wheel. Shades are created when only black is added to a hue.” –